Technician training
IT technicians and computer training

Technician training for your specialists

Table of Contents

  • Security concept JAVA and Tomcat
  • Backup Strategies
  • Fallback solutions and standby systems
  • Disaster Recovery
  • User Management
  • Databases and firewall settings
  • Integration of Atlassian products into your system environment


The goal of Atlassian Product Training is to teach your technicians and system administrators to expertly use the product. In addition to system installation and configuration, data protection and security are discussed.

Workshop duration

Training duration is generally about ½ to 1 day depending on the level of knowledge. More days can be added at any time. Just speak with our staff about a personalized offer.

Training procedure

We offer in-house training for as many participants as you need.

We define the training and goals together. You set the date and place of training.  You also provide a room, projector and PC with both an intranet and internet connection. Complete internet access for our laptop is also really helpful.

  Jira Technician Enterprise Workshop

The JIRA in the Enterprise workshop provides students with strategies, tools, and techniques for managing JIRA in the enterprise. The highly interactive and participative course helps attendees develop a strategy to better understand and deal with the unique challenges associated with installing, configuring, and managing JIRA in the enterprise. This course, primarily strategic in nature, helps students 1) develop a set of best practices for documenting and optimizing JIRA and the JIRA infrastructure components within the enterprise and 2) establish a set of policies to manage growth moving forward.

Although there are group activities addressing challenges in the environment, there are no hands-on product labs in this class.

In general, the discussion around JIRA application and infrastructure/system components is split to about a 60/40 mix, respectively.