(Power) User Training
JIRA / Confluence / DEV Atlassian tools

Atlassian Power user trainings


  • Professional training at the highest level
  • Best Practices / Tips & Tricks
  • Insight in Atlassian structures
  • Q & A Session with our staff

Our power user training for JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian products are all aimed at users who work intensively with the Atlassian software, ie they set and define eg content or workflows, projects and new blue sheets.

We explain the fundamentals of operation and administration, as well as work processes and structure. The participants receive a base for their daily work with the respective products.

  Workshop duration

Training duration is generally 3 days. More days can be booked at any time. Just  speak with our staff about a personalized offer.

Usually, power users and the administrators of the software participate in this workshop.

Power user workshops share with you experiences we've had with other customers. Upon request, we can have a meeting (e.g. Webex or TeamViewer session) with another company to exchange information. We've had several very interesting experiences doing this.

Training procedure

We offer in-house training for as many participnts as you need. You define the duration, content and number of participants. You supply the trainer with Internet and intranet access. You also provide a projector and a room for the participants.

Training starts at 9:00 am and goes until 4:00 pm. Then there is a one-hour informal Q&A session.