Our Consultancy team will help you implement your idea


Migration & Consultation

Most of our customers already have some kind of a software development system in place and only need some (or all) pieces of the Atlassian software puzzle to have a completely optimized software development system.

We'll analyse what needs to be done to migrate the old system to the new system. Then we can add the extra Atlassian functionality you don’t want to lose from your old system.

We've assisted many of our customers during this process. We helped them get started with the software quickly without losing existing information from previous systems. We have special tools that make this transfer easy.

Save yourself a lot of time

Our consultancy team is specialized and only does Atlassian tools. We are available for all types of questions, integrations, trainings and workshops.

Many times the software seems to be easy to use but people forget to see the many configuration options. Atlassian makes usage of the system easy. To achieve this a well configures system is required.

You will save yourself a lot of time by letting us help you with the first set-up of the system. You don’t want to read the many thousand pages of the documentation. Let us show you the best practices. We use the Atlassian Guide Lines to optimize your system.

Customer Oriented

We work closely with Atlassian and use their software development guidelines to create customer specific adaptations.

We want to create that ‘wow’ feeling you had when you first saw the software .

New Ideas

We listen to your ideas and help you with our experience from other customers. We'll help you get the most out of your software investment.