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Atlassian SLA -  Atlassian Support Packages 

Our Atlassian support packages include software installation, add-on product installation, error diagnostics, Atlassian software updates, and much more. Upon request, we can try to correct mistakes you made in your system. 

We can't fix errors made by other software vendors in their software products (this must be done by the vendors), but we can moderate for you.

Support System

All Pix Software Benelux support requests are calculated based on actual costs (15 minute minimum per request). All requests use our JIRA support system. Because the quota are prepaid, you can't exceed costs without authorization. Used hours are billed montly. 

Unused hours roll over to the next month within the one year period. If necessary, you can also use these hours on other activities such as software development and updates.

Support packages

We offer three different support packages: Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

Support is available during normal business hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Support outside of business hours is available if you choose our Enterprise support package. 

If you need support at night, on weekends or holidays, we can work out a solution for you. The Standard package is generally enough to do one or two basic updates and security patches per year, or to answer any administrative questions you may have. Response times vary depending on your support package.

Atlassian Support Package Advice

Most customers purchase our Professional support package because it includes 24 hours of support. This is typically enough for a  whole year of assistance.

That comes out to two hours per month, which is generally enough to answer all your questions because of our quick response times.