Atlassian Training
Our Atlassian trainings

Our Atlassian training program provides you with the skills you need to optimally use all your Atlassian products (JIRA, Confluence, DEV tools and third- party plug-ins).

This way you can be sure you're spending your time as efficiently as possible. These training sessions give you a quick and effective introduction so you can start using the software on your own as fast as possible.

Training, Webinars and Seminars

We adapt our training sessions to your individual needs. You can choose to have a training at your location. We also give seminars and webinars. The choice is yours. From experience we know you will benefit the most from training with your own equipment in your own system environment. That's why we conduct most training on-site at your company's location. It is much easier to adapt to the availability of the departments involved with software implementation.

We answer YOUR questions

We don’t like using canned ‘power point’ presentations in our training sessions. We'll answer your questions, even those about related software. Because we work with the software all the time, we know a lot about how the software interacts with other tools (Atlassian and non-Atlassian).

We offer you ‘best practices‘ by telling you about experiences we've had with other companies.

Our training will be customized to meet your needs.

Our training is agile

We'll answer all your questions. Our training sessions are agile. Our goal is to help you help yourself so assistance won’t be required in the future. We live by the Atlassian idea of sharing as much information as possible.

We can always adjust our training sessions. If there are changes to your needs, availability of persons or departments, attendees with unexpected, etc., we'll immediately respond to these changes. We conduct a daily evaluation of the progress and quality and adjust accordingly.